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About Me


I have been a tour guide, a terrible waitress and a children’s party entertainer. I went to university in Bristol, a hub for the arts, and was a member of an improvised comedy variety show called The Bish Bosh Bash. We once improvised a musical about courgettes falling in love, a true highlight in my improvising career.

I am a trained actress and writer. My passion lies with the arts, so I always add a creative flair to everything I do. Having written short stories, reviews, blog posts, plays and poems, I thrive when embracing a challenge.


Conquering the Art of Procrastination

A commission for Sparta Health.

'It's safe to say we've all mastered the art of procrastination. From doing the washing up to completing - or even starting - a project for work, procrastination has been the answer. Though in the long run, we know it's actually more stressful to do so. So why do we do it?'

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