Single Review: Mali Hayes - Save Ourselves

Single Review: Mali Hayes - Save Ourselves

Manchester-based Mali Hayes has developed an impressive palette with her neo-soul, jazzy, RnB sound. Music producer and radio DJ, Gilles Peterson, says we must 'remember the name, Mali Hayes'. Her music has evolved wonderfully from love and relationships to lyrical activism. 'Save Ourselves' is a beautiful expression of her angst.

To experience 'Save Ourselves' in its entirety, we must listen, not just hear. The chorus is an elegant depiction of environmental activism. 'Is it too late now to save ourselves / Running away that's what we do so well / And we should really help / Before it's farewell'. Here, Hayes' delicate, sweet voice cascades soft guitar and piano trills. But, whilst the music is mellow, the message behind it packs a punch.

Hayes' aim for the single is to ignite 'some kind of action - even just a small change that can help in the long run'. She says it should encourage us to 'think about our life decisions as we try to work towards a more sustainable future for the human race and the planet'.

‘Save Ourselves' is the refreshing change we need. The music industry is inundated with songs about love for people. It’s a welcome change to hear about love for our planet, instead. Mali Hayes is undoubtedly the right vehicle to discuss such significant issues; with a song as enchanting as ‘Save Ourselves’, it's hard to ignore the message behind it.

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