How Owning a Dog Boosts Our Wellbeing

How Owning a Dog Boosts Our Wellbeing

Have you ever seen a dog trotting along with pride, trying its best to carry a stick triple its size? That memory made you smile, didn’t it? Dogs have some sort of magic ability to brighten your day simply by being their magnificent selves. But they are more than just a warm, fluffy cuddle after a gruelling day at work. Research shows that dogs can indeed improve our wellbeing.

One distinct advantage is an increase in our physical exercise. Dog walking is an excellent catalyst for those who struggle to motivate themselves to exercise, or even to leave the house. Statistically, dog owners also have lower levels of cholesterol and triglyceride than those without pets, as well as improving cardiovascular issues.

Aside from the apparent health benefits that come hand-in-paw with owning a dog, there is considerable research showing that owning a dog can improve mental health. Over 90% of UK pet owners agree that owning a pet increases their happiness, with 88% stating it improves their quality of life. Dogs provide a unique type of companionship which eliminates the feeling of isolation or loneliness. Merely stroking a dog can reduce blood pressure and ease stress by releasing oxytocin and serotonin, and due to this, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression.

A dog is a lifelong commitment, and every dog deserves a loving home. But if you seriously want a pet, a dog’s impact on our wellbeing is undeniable; after all, they are (wo)man’s best friend for a reason.

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