Diving back in: The Bish Bosh Bash

Diving back in: The Bish Bosh Bash

As a drama student, acting is a huge part of my life, and becoming a part of The Bish Bosh Bash was an incredible opportunity that helped me to keep my love for acting going outside of university. Though, one thing I did not anticipate was how difficult it would be to have the whole summer (4 months!) away from improv and my Bish Bosh Bash family. It is so bizarre how I could go from being incredibly free and creative to working 40 hours a week all summer with no drama or improv around me whatsoever, and my God did the summer drag on! Now that I’ve had a taste of life with no improv, I don’t want to be without it ever again. Although, it was positive in a way because I found out just how impactful improv has been on my life, and how much I truly do feel at home when I am playing with all of the people in The Bish Bosh Bash.

I was scared to go back, which is ridiculous because there’s no such thing as bad improv… But there was a small part of me that worried that I would have forgotten how to improvise and had crazy thoughts like “what if I forget what words are?” or “what if I panic so much and do a terrible job and the whole theatre sets on fire and everyone has to leave Earth and move to Mars because clearly that’s the only reasonable solution for my bad improvising”. Well, I am a fool to even worry about it in the first place! I’ve always been told that the best way to move past a “fail”, is to practice the “happy fail”. In other words, if you mess-up, scream “YAY!” with a massive smile on your face and throw your arms in the air, and celebrate the mess-up. It’s all about trusting your gut, trusting your fellow players and not being scared to look like an idiot on stage, because at the end of the day, that’s usually the best thing to do.

It is daunting to dive straight back into a show, but staying positive and just having fun is my plan! I feel so lucky to get to work with each and every person in our cast. Every rehearsal and show has been a room of laughter, confidence, support and joy, which was no different at rehearsal last week. I completely put my fears out of the window and let go, and we created some damn awesome stuff together!

I am so excited to be back, in fact, I don’t think excited describes it well enough… I am BUZZING! I adore working with the cast, and the audiences are always incredible. I am most looking forward to hearing the audience suggestions and being mischievious with my fellow cast-mates. The Bish Bosh Bash has grown masses since we first started over a year ago, so I am also super hyped to see all of the new additions in the show. If you like craziness, humour, competitive vibes and all round fun, you’ll love The Bish Bosh Bash almost as much as I do.

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